Currrent Teaching

  • Present2016

    Course Instructor - Climate Science and Adaptation

    This course consists of four parts. The first part will provide a primer for those who are curious about the physical mechanisms by which climate is determined, and by which climate change occurs. The treatment of these mechanisms will not be overly quantitative, and no prior knowledge of meteorology or atmospheric science is assumed. The second part will describe the projected consequences of climate change; and those that are already occurring. This part will also familiarize students with how societies might adapt to these changes. The third part will explore (and critique) some of the tools that decision-makers use to quantify and compare the damages caused by these consequences. The final part of the course will discuss some of the technologies that could be deployed to stave off dangerous climate change. The syllabus for the course is available here.

    In Fall 2016, the course received a rating of 4.5/5 for overall course quality and 4.6/5 for quality of teaching

Teaching History

  • 20142014

    Teaching assistant for Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Policy Analysis

    • Taught by Prof. Granger Morgan and Prof. Inês Azevedo
    • Diverse class of 45 PhD students in the first and second years of their program: participants ranged from fresh graduates to retired military officers
    • Responsibilities included assessment and providing written feedback on assignments and exams, helping design exams, and holding three hour-long recitation sessions

  • 20142014

    Teaching Assistant - Introduction to Engineering and Public Policy

    • Taught by Prof. Marvin Sirbu
    • Class of 60 engineering and science freshmen
    • Designed and held weekly recitation sessions for a group of 20 students to reinforce and clarify concepts taught in class, as well as weekly office hours for students to attend individually and discuss course materials and assignments
    • Assisted in the design and assessment of examinations and assignments

  • 20072007

    Trainer, Shell Singapore

    Provided 50 hours of classroom training in demand planning, production planning, and supply network planning processes and an enterprise resource planning tool to implement them